Care Instructions

  • How do I care for my beaded jewelry?

Perfumed soap, lotions, detergent, perfume and specific skin cleansers that have bleaching agents for example Benzoyl Peroxide and other perfumes can wash off the color of your beautiful beads so it is recommended that you take off your bracelets when you plan on cleaning using harsh chemicals, when washing dishes, or when you shower for example. Beach water has tiny particles, and abrasive materials that can also alter your bead colors over time!

  • How do I care for my Amigurumi?

To clean amigurumi, hand wash with cold water, and then let it air dry!

  • How do I care for my Polymer Clay Earrings?

In order to extend the life of your jewelry, store in a clean and dry place. It is not recommended that you wear your earrings to bed, or in the shower. Don't store your jewelry in pockets, or in a bag with other items, because it's possible it could cause damage to your earrings.  Keep your jewelry away from any kind of chemical, lotions, oils, body sprays, and water. To clean your earrings, use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.