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11/0 Regal tiny stackable stretch seed bead bracelet set

11/0 Regal tiny stackable stretch seed bead bracelet set

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This is a size 11/0 5 piece Czech and Japanese Regal stretch seed bead bracelet set!
The tones for this set include various shades of grey, clear, silver, and gold and the bracelets you will receive are 2 Regal blend, 1 gold, and 2 grey bracelets.

 Stretch seed bead bracelets are made on elastic cord, so these bracelets stretch then slide over your hand! It's your choice of how you'd like your bracelets to fit based on your wrist size, and the size options given! 

These seed beads are size 11/0 so they’re super tiny, and the beautiful colors of the seed beads I use are stunning! If you’re unfamiliar with the size “11/0” the hole is the size of a needle point!

All items will be shipped 2-5 Business Days from ordering. Depending on how much business I have, items can be shipped sooner than this time frame, as I do my best to always ship out orders as soon as possible!

Your purchase will come in an organza drawstring pouch, and if you order more than one seed bead jewelry set, each set will be separated according to type. For example, sets of 3 or 5 seed bead bracelet sets will all be in one organza pouch, and individual seed bead designs made by me will each be separated into their own organza pouch. Each purchase will come with a treat of some sort, it could be one of the following depending on what I have on hand at the time: earrings, bracelets, candy, stickers etc!

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